Useful Moving Hacks to Make Your Next Move a Breeze

We’ve given you plenty of tips for making a move easier, but how about taking the edge off a little more? It’s all about the little things, implementing as much multi-purpose and McGuyver-esque assessing and crafting as you can. These moving hacks are tried and true quick and easy ways to pack and move.

Moving Hacks for an Easy Move

Useful Moving Hacks to Make Your Next Move a Breeze

Trash bag suitcase

For all those nice button-up shirts and jackets you don’t want to fold and wrinkle, carrying them with you when you move without dropping or ruining them can be tricky. Plus, carrying all of them at once is a dreaded experience. Try this on for size:

  • Grab a normal trash bag.
  • Pull the bag over as many hangered shirts as possible.
  • Make sure the hangers are outside of the top of the bag.
  • Wrap the trash bag ties around the hanger hooks, so the bag essentially stays closed and holds them in all in place—still on their hangers.

Voila! Now you have all your hung up clothes safe and protected for travel.

Cling wrap your drawers

Now, you don’t have to take out all of your clothes or take your drawers apart completely. Just take some normal plastic cling wrap out of your kitchen, and follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure all your drawers are shut completely.
  • Unravel as much plastic wrap as you need. Don’t stop until the job’s done.
  • Wrap it around your dresser or plastic drawers unit multiple times to make sure the drawers are secure and won’t budge.
  • Make sure the plastic wrap is secured tightly.

That’s it. Simple as ever. These moving hacks are moving done easy.

Plastic wrap your potentially leaky bottles

The last thing you want in your already high-stress move is your expensive lotion spilling out all over your expensive electronics. There are many bumps and movements in the back of your moving truck, so anything can happen. Try pulling out that plastic wrap again for plastic wrap moving hacks.

  • Unscrew the lid of your lotion, shampoo, or soap.
  • Place the plastic wrap over the hole and tightly secure it down.
  • Screw the lid back on over the plastic wrap.

Go ahead and try to pour it out. It’ll stay in place for the duration of the move.

Keep everything together

Let’s say you have to take something apart. Something that involves tiny metal pieces like nuts, bolts, screws and washers. When you take apart that appliance or piece of furniture or giant piece of art, make sure you never separate the appropriate pieces.

  • Put the small pieces in a plastic sandwich bag.
  • Grab some tape to attach the smaller pieces in the bag securely to the larger box.
  • Never separate them again.

At that point, once you unpack, you don’t have to worry about where anything is. Everything’s in one place, ready to be put back together again.

This trick also works with easily lost items like TV remotes or gaming controllers. KEEP EVERYTHING TOGETHER.

Pack clean clothes wherever you can

Moving hacks are good for two things: convenience and security. This next tip covers both of those. Try packing your dishes vertically in a box with some t-shirts and socks packed between each dish. This is actually a sure-fire way to keep dishes from breaking.

You can try this with just about any fragile object. Pack your clothes intermittently to double down on your clothes packing, as well as protecting your fragiles.

The Best Moving Hack of All

What is the quickest and easiest way to pack and move? Not doing anything at all. That’s right, there are moving hacks for quick and easy ways to pack and move, and then there’s not having to lift a finger because you hired Red Carpet Moving Company. We are the best way to ensure that your items are packed efficiently and safely and that they will arrive safely. Give us a call when you start planning your next move.

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