The Ultimate 8 Week Moving Checklist

Packing can be a stressful task on its own and putting it off until the last minute can make for a nightmare situation. Having to scramble around to try to pack everything and make sure your new place is set up for you to move in can cause a lot of problems. You are more likely to forget important tasks and can end up spending more time and money than expected if you are not prepared. To help avoid these scenarios, Red Carpet Movers, a professional moving company, has come up with the ultimate eight-week moving checklist to ensure your next move runs smoothly.

Ultimate 8 Week Moving Checklist

8 Weeks before the Move

  • Figure out a budget for your move
    • This can include: hiring a professional moving company, any repairs or deep cleaning to the house and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Set up appointments and reservations with a moving company
    • Setting your appointments ahead of time can save you from scrambling down the road.
  • Keep all expenses and quotes organized into one folder
  • Begin to research your new community or city

7 Weeks before the Move

  • Begin to gather up all important documents such as medical folders, dental record and prescriptions
    • Documents can get lost during a move so having all important information in one location can help you keep track of them.
  • Transfer all memberships, medical information and school records to your new city or location
  • Ask your doctor for referrals in your new city/area

6 Weeks before the Move

  • Plan out what items you are going to keep and take to your new house and what items you plan to get rid of
    • This can be a great time to plan a garage sale if you have many items that you can sell
  • Start to use items that do not travel well such as frozen foods and many cleaning materials
    • You do not want to have items go to waste so instead of going out to eat, plan out ways to cook any frozen meals you have stocked away

5 Weeks before the Move

  • Begin to gather any moving supplies that you may need.
    • Once you have purged your home, you will have a better idea of how many boxes you will need for the move.
  • Start to pack items that are rarely used to help clear out some clutter
  • File for a change of address with the post office or ask them to hold your mail until you are into your new home

4 Weeks before the Move

  • Set up your dates with the professional moving company
  • Begin to notify all utility services for your old home and new home about your move and plan out when things will need to be shut off and turned on
  • If you have pets, make travel arrangements for them

3 Weeks before the Move

  • Have all your vehicles serviced if you are planning to move to a new city or a long distance
  • Begin to get rid of all unnecessary items and pack away miscellaneous things

2 Weeks before the Move

  • Confirm all your travel arrangements
  • Set up any parking situations at your new place
    • Some areas require a permit to park large trailers in residential areas
  • Plan out your meals for the last couple of weeks

1 Week before the Move

  • Pack up the last of your items
  • Notify all friends and family of your new address or numbers
  • Pack up boxes that you will want to keep with you during the move
  • Plan out any snacks and an extra change of clothes for the day of the move

The sooner you begin to plan for the move the easier the transition will be. Utilizing a professional moving company such as Red Carpet Movers can take away a lot of stress and time from your next move.

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