Top 10 Reasons People Move

Most people enjoy moving to a new location but don’t necessarily like the process of moving. With that said, there are plenty of good reasons to move. Once you get through the pain and hassle of packing up your things and then unpacking once you get to your new home, it actually isn’t all that bad. Here are some of the reasons people move.

Top 10 Reasons People Move

The 10 Best Reasons People Move

1. Job relocation

Often, an awesome opportunity awaits us in a brand new environment. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can be scary. It turns out the percentage of people moving for the sake of finding a new job increases every year. So don’t feel bad, you’re part of a huge trend.

2. Upgrading or downsizing

People are sometimes dissatisfied with the home they live in, or they have too much space for just themselves. In either case, people are much better suited in a home that fits their family size.

3. Changing neighborhoods

Sometimes we find that the place we live in is less than satisfactory. In an urban environment, things can get pretty dramatic and it can make people feel unsafe or uncomfortable. It’s important to move to an environment in which you feel safe.

4. Relationship reasons

When things don’t work out with your significant other, or perhaps if you’re taking it to the next level, a move is in order. Moving in with someone you’re dating is great, but when it ends, moving can be a complicated aspect. Let’s just stay on the positive side and say that you are finally taking that step and moving in with someone. People will move cross country, change jobs and essentially start a whole new life with someone.

5. Better education options

Whether they move for college or you have kids and decide to take them to a better school, education is one of the reasons people move. High school graduates have the task of moving out of their parents’ house and finding a dorm with their friends. Sometimes, they leave their hometown or even move across country or abroad for school. In other cases, if parents want their children to receive the best education and what they want is a little out of reach, they will gather their things and move just for their children’s education.

6. Wanting an adventurous lifestyle

More and more, millennials and young families are finding their true callings overseas. From Austria to Singapore, Americans are re-planting their roots and starting over. The reasons people move to these other countries could be for a number of reasons: jobs, education, family, or just simply because they crave some culture.

7. To finally own a home

A lot of people rent homes for a good portion of their lives, but people tend to feel more “at home” in a house they own. That’s why this is one of the top reasons people move—to buy a house. The housing market is steadily getting better here in the US, so this number is very high as of late.

8. To settle down

A couple may share a small apartment and everything is fine. It can be a fun little pad, but once it comes time for two people to settle down and get a family, it comes time to buy or rent a house. Moving into the suburbs is a popular choice, as the area is always a safe place to raise a family.

9. Retirement

Another one of the top reasons people move is retirement. This is because when elderly people retire, their homes no longer suit them. Retirement communities all over the country allow retired citizens to spend their days relaxing and being taken care of.

10. Lifestyle change

It may come time for a change in scenery every now and then. That’s perfectly okay. There doesn’t have to be any resentment or frustration, but you may simply want to refresh and renew in a complete lifestyle makeover. People from all over, especially Utah and California, find themselves moving to Las Vegas to get that change in scenery they crave.

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