Tips for Packing Your Electronics for the Move

It’s easy to overlook your electronics and their cords. But if they’re not packed correctly, they can easily become damaged during the move.  When it comes to your electronics, the cords are some of the most exposed and dedicated components. These tips will ensure your electronics make it to your new home safely.

Tips for Packing Electronics

Organization is key

Cords and electronics are known for getting tangled over time. While it may be tempting to just lump all your cords together and throw them in a box, you will thank yourself later if you detangle them and organize them. Using twist ties can help keep them all together, and you can label them to know where they belong and make your set up process a little easier.

We hope you kept the manual Tips for Packing Your Electronics for the Move

Taking your electronics down is the easy part. The difficult process comes when it is time to set them back up again at your new place. If you kept your instruction manual, you might save yourself a lot of time and frustrations. If you threw out your manuals, try not to stress out. You may be able to find an online manual to help you set them up or a video tutorial on the process.

Backup pictures and storage

Moving as delicate as a computer or camera can be nerve-racking. There’s a lot of stuff on there that you hold probably value a lot. So the best idea for moving something that stores pictures and important things like that is to backup the files onto another disc or hard drive. You can always back things up to the iCloud as well.

Don’t skimp out on the padding

Electronics can be delicate, especially if you’re packing a TV or computer. If they shift around during the move, they can easily become damaged. One way to ensure that your electronics are safe is to use padding when packing them away. This helps keep a tight fit in the box and minimized movement. For larger electronics, having the help of a professional moving company can help ensure that your things get packed away and unloaded safely.

How to Pack Electronics with Las Vegas Movers

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