Tips for Packing Dishes for Your Move

Red Carpet Movers is the best moving company Las Vegas has to offer. We provide packing and moving services to take away the stress of moving into a new home. When you move, one of the most important things you have to do is pack up your household goods. Below are some tips from movers in Las Vegas on how to properly pack your dishes to avoid any breakage.

Getting the Right Materials for Your Las Vegas Move

Our packing services help many people pack their items safely for a move. But, we’d like to give you the scoop on how we pack your items with our White Glove Service.

Before you start packing your dishes in just any box, you should know certain types of cardboard will better suit your needs. You’ll need single or double-layered corrugated cardboard in order to protect some of your most fragile and breakable items. The thick walls on the boxes give an extra layer of protection for your dishes. Next, you’ll need lots of packing paper. You can of course purchase packing paper from a place like Red Carpet movers, who provide Las Vegas packing supplies, or you can use old newspaper you’ve got lying around the house. Once you’ve got these supplies, you’re ready to start packing!

Using the Proper Packing TechniqueTips for Packing Dishes for Your Move

Reputable moving companies know the best technique for packing dishes safely.

First, put a soft layer of packing paper at the bottom of your box. This will act as a cushion for all of the dishes that will go in. Next, you will wrap each item individually, making sure that each part of the dish is protected by the paper. Once you place the wrapped items in your box, stuff crumpled up packing paper in between any empty spaces, and between the layers of items. This will make sure the dishes are snug and have no room to move around inside the box. Pack the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest items on top.

Red Carpet Movers Offers Packing and Moving Services!

If the stress of packing is still too much for you, that’s where Red Carpet Movers come in! We offer a great home packing service. We’ll pack your things for you and help you move down the street or across the country for your long distance move. Call us to find out how we can make your journey of moving to Las Vegas easier!

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