Things to Keep Out of the Moving Truck

There are just certain things we shouldn’t pack up with everything else. Especially when that place is a wiggly, wobbly, bumpy, and turny moving truck where just about anything could happen in terms of twists and turns. That’s why we should be mindful about what we store in a moving truck. Here are some things you should never put in a truck with the rest of your belongings.

Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Moving Truck

Flammable liquidsThings to Keep Out of the Moving Truck

It’s important to know what not to pack when you move. Things like fertilizers, paints, and detergents are on the list of things that should stay out of the moving truck, due to how highly flammable they are. Don’t make the mistake of loading one of these up and risk having the entirety of your things on the moving truck being completely destroyed.

Guns and ammo

Obviously, guns can be very dangerous. Storing them improperly can lead to accidental discharge, one of the greatest dangers posed by owning firearms. There’s also the case of legality. Most moving companies are not licensed to transport firearms.


Big appliances can fall over and damage the truck and your belongings. Appliances like washing machines, fridges, or other things like that can actually become damaged on the move. Be extra careful with things like these and don’t let them sit there in the moving truck. Or, hire professionals to help.

Grand pianos

The most delicate of things during the process is piano moving. A piano may be big, but it’s very delicate and it doesn’t take much to damage it. A piano is a very valuable possession to anyone who owns one. Take extra care and don’t try to move one on your own, nor should you store one in your moving truck, where things can move around fall over. Don’t make those moving truck mistakes.

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