How to Protect Your Piano When You Move

When it comes time to pack up and move, you’ll need to make a proper plan to protect your special household goods, such as art, appliances, and especially pianos. We know the complicated procedure of protecting a piano. Although beautiful and delicate, they can be heavy and awkward. If you’re not careful, you can cause damage to your floors or even the piano. Here are some tips for keeping a piano safe from the best piano movers Las Vegas has to offer.

How to Protect Your Piano When You Move

Protecting a Piano during a Move

Measure and weigh your piano

Piano moving services are offered by professionals like Red Carpet Moving Company. However, as the consumer, you should also be mindful of the proper technique of caring for a piano during a move across the city or a long distance move.

First, you should know the type of piano you have and how that type will affect the moving process. For instance, upright pianos are most of the time top-heavy and grand pianos take up a lot of space and are much harder to carry.

Measure the width, length, and height of your piano, so you know how to hold the piano when going through doors. It’s also best to know how heavy your piano is, so you’ll know how many people you need to help with the lifting.

Map out a route before you move

Walk around your house and take note of any doors or obstacles that might hinder the process of moving a piano. Whatever you measure from your home, map out a route that is the shortest and easiest route to get your piano outside to the moving truck. If you’re moving up or down stairs, you’ll definitely need professional help from a Las Vegas moving company. We’ll have the best equipment for moving a piano.

When putting the piano on the moving truck, it should be one of the first things placed in there. This will allow your piano to be secured at the back of the truck where it will not fall over or crush lighter objects.

Protect your piano

It’s best to use the proper equipment and practices for protecting a piano. This equipment will include heavy duty furniture straps, a dolly or two, and a thick, soft cloth to protect the finish on your piano.

If you’re moving a grand piano, sometimes the best thing you can do is remove the legs completely before moving it out of its room. You should also make sure the lid over the keys is closed and locked. This protects the keys, especially during a long distance move. When inside the truck, secure your piano to the side of the truck by tying it down or placing other objects beside it to hold it in place.

Enlist the help of friends

For moving and securing a piano, you’ll need at least four people to carry and maneuver it. Two people alone could lift the piano, but you’ll need an additional two to help guide you through doors and stairways. In fact, get as many people as you can because the more, the merrier.

Make sure you and your teammates are wearing comfortable clothes that won’t get caught in the piano or make things difficult in any way. Get the help of capable and trustworthy people. When everything is all done and moved, reward them with some pizza and beer. You can’t go wrong with that.

Get Professional Piano Movers to Help You Move

The best thing you can do for protecting a piano is to hire professional piano movers like Red Carpet Moving Company. We have access to the best equipment and know all about piano safety while moving. Our professionals can help if you are moving across the city of Las Vegas, and we can also help with long distance moving. Get a quote today.

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