Preparing Employees for a Corporate Move

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, so during a corporate move, you should consider them every step of the way. It’s important to keep them as happy and stress-free as possible, especially when you ask them to uproot and move for you. After all, moving is tough no matter what. As an employer, it’s your duty to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible, and we’ve got some tips on how to do it.

Preparing Employees for a Corporate Move


Preparing Your Employees for a Business Relocation

During a corporate relocation, you first need to analyze your company’s “mobility clause”. A lot of business contracts have them in the event of a corporate move. Every employer has the right to have one, but it is a very flexible document—if the employee feels there’s any ambiguity or unfairness, they can fight it with relative ease. It’s important to be clear when writing the document and consider every employee’s situation.

Give your employees enough time

One month won’t do it. Two or three, even. You should give them four or five months notice minimum. Commercial moving often takes as long as six months when employees are pretty settled in their current locations. Let all your employees know at the same time. This will give them each enough time to prepare.

Unless the move is absolutely unreasonable, the mobility clause requires your employees to relocate upon request, or they’ll lose their jobs. This means you can’t expect your employees to move on short notice, but if you give them enough time to prepare, they should have no problem.

Communicate with them (and be specific)

Again, let all your employees know at the same time. Call for a company-wide meeting and send out a mass email, detailing when and why. They absolutely deserve to know every detail, so be specific. If you notified them early on enough, it gives the company enough time to have a dialogue about the relocation. Flush out all the negativity and concerns, so when it comes time to move, your employees are confident about it.

Don’t be afraid of the discussion. Your employees will share their distaste for corporate relocation, but that’s a great opportunity for you to ease their minds. Ask them what they think and let them give you feedback. Maybe even open a forum of discussion where they can ask whatever questions they have. It’s important to keep them in the loop.

Be positive

Remember, there’s a reason for relocation: something better awaits the company elsewhere. It’s a mutually beneficial decision, so make sure your employees know that. You can also get them excited by offering ideas about a new office set up or design.

You can include that the new office size will be bigger, nicer or in a better location. Maybe it’s in a less busy part of the city and has better parking or restaurant options close by. Anything you can use to really sell your new location. Remember that it’s exciting!

Our Commercial Moving Will Ease Your Mind with an Easy Move

You have a lot on your plate. Moving an entire office can take a lot of time and resources, not to mention all the people you’re moving. After making sure your staff is up to date and ready to move and you got your moving checklist all filled out, it’s time to make the next step. That next step doesn’t have to be so difficult. Luckily, you’re in good hands with Red Carpet Movers. If your business is ready to relocate, we’re ready to get started.

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