Plan Your Move with a Few Simple Steps

Being on top of the move is generally a smart idea. There’s no reason to make it complicated, either. The easiest way is always the smartest way, so make sure you have your moving checklist ready and prepare for a simple move with these simple moving tips.

Simple Steps for a Simple Move

Pick the best moving day

Decide on a moving day ahead of time, so you can hire your movers in a timely manner as well. Once you pick a day to move, you can get to work. Make sure you keep everything in mind once you pick this day that works around your busy schedule.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

Planning a move is an awesome opportunity to get toss of all of those things that you know longer need. It doesn’t just save time in packing, but you can even earn some coin by selling all that stuff you don’t want.

Learn more about your moving company

Not every moving company is the same. Learn more about the services that they provide. While moving boxes and furniture is one thing, does your moving company have the know-how to move objects such as fine art or a piano? A little research makes a move a lot easier.

File important documents in one place

Keep track of everything from the leasing contract, change of address form, children’s school records, emergency contacts, and utility bills. Keep all of that separate, so when you need to move, your documentation is in one quick and easy to find location.

Gather packing supplies

To save time, order boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap, as well as markers for labeling boxes all in advance. This also includes “specialty” packing supplies like electronics and appliances as well as wardrobe.

Measure your new home

To better understand where your belongings will fit, you should measure your new room. Measure your large furniture ahead of time, so you’ll know they’ll actually fit through the door, as well as fitting into the rooms themselves.

Confirm your moving appointment

Make sure everything is set up before your moving day. This includes making sure the movers know exactly where to go, and that they have the correct address, as well as knowing where to park.

Pack your belongings Plan Your Move with a Few Simple Steps

Unfortunately, having “last minute” items to pack up and move will happen more times than not.  Make sure to set aside fragile objects to be packed separately. You don’t want them mixed up in your other stuff. Also, keeping like items together, or things you’ll need easy access to. This works well for items such as TV remotes or screws and bolts for your furniture.

Label your items properly

You bought the markers; now, make sure to label everything. Furthermore, make sure you label everything correctly. Once your labels are correct, getting items into the right rooms will be a cinch.

Make a map to your house for quick travel

Wherever you’re moving, make sure you know exactly where your house is. This means having the address handy and also knowing exactly how to get there. Nobody wants to get lost with their entire lives in the truck with them and nowhere to go.

Professional Moving from Red Carpet Moving Company

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