Picking the Ideal Moving Box

Sometimes while we’re moving, we scramble to find some last minute fit for our things. Or, maybe we already have some leftover boxes from last time, so we decide to put all of our small stuff in one big box. While it’s great to save boxes (and you’re definitely encouraged to do so), it’s also very important to find the right size of moving boxes while you’re packing. If you don’t, your belongings may suffer the consequences.

The Right Moving Boxes for Your Stuff

Finding the right moving box, just like with any other moving tips we can give you, is all about thinking ahead. You wouldn’t want to pack something up that would make your job harder later on. With that said, here are some boxes to line up with their appropriate contents.

Heavy items in small boxes Picking the Ideal Moving Box

This may sound a little strange, but hear us out: you wouldn’t want a huge box completely full of heavy things. That would make your life miserable later on, and that’s what we want to avoid. With the logic that you want to save space as much as possible and make use of every little box, you wouldn’t want to put just a few heavy items in a large box either, because of all that negative space.

Instead, you should put one or two heavy items in a smaller box. Think books: shoving all your books into one medium to large sized box would be very difficult to carry later on. Books aren’t exactly light. A few books per small box is great for moving around on its own.

Pots, pans, and like items in medium boxes

If you’re looking at boxes for moving, consider your dishes. You’d want enough space in them to hold your dishes and enough packing peanuts so they don’t get destroyed. These mediums sized boxes are great for lighter items that would be a total hassle to carry in one large box, similarly to the small heavy objects.

If you’re packing away fragile items like that, make sure the box is secure on both ends and that it won’t rip. If the box gets too overwhelmed and the box rips open, say goodbye to all your dishes. Save money by doing it right the first time. Overlap the tape from the bottom to the top so that it stays down.

Sheets, linens, and lightweights in large boxes

Obviously, you want to save the light items for the last, big boxes. Because sheets, blankets and other bedding things are so large, yet so light, big boxes make them very easy to carry. It’s nice to get all your bedding down into the moving truck all in one go and keeping them together makes it easier for you to unpack.

All in all, the lightweight stuff like bedding should, theoretically, be the easiest to pack, carry, and unpack. So, if you did it right and chose the proper moving box for your linens, it will be an absolute breeze.

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