Tips for Moving with Seniors

Moving is a stressful situation for anyone but can be especially difficult for senior citizens. There are many factors that must be brought into account if you are moving with seniors or if you are a senior citizen yourself, preparing for a move. Here are a few things to consider when packing and moving old folks.

Tips for Moving with Seniors

Plan ahead

When it comes to moving in general, planning ahead always comes in handy. It’s helpful for moving no matter if you’re a senior citizen or not. However, often times when a senior citizen moves, they are moving into somewhere smaller. It makes sense to begin planning what needs to be brought and what can be sold or thrown out.

Start early Tips for Moving with Seniors

One of the first things you must do is come up with a plan: schedule the date and make sure your moving checklist is crossed off. Once you have this plan of attack, start as early as you can. The best way to not leave anything important behind and that everything can be packed accordingly is by not procrastinating.


This can be a touch one for a senior citizen if this involves a long-distance move or an interstate move. Will they be comfortable in a car for extended periods of time or will they be able to fly?

Health care

This is a big one for a senior citizen who is relocating. Make sure that you properly transfer medical records to ensure that they will be able to receive the appropriate care they require. Be sure to carefully research what type of health care they are using and the coverage in your new home.

Legal documents

Making sure all important legal documents are in order and are up to date is vital. Take care of any loose ends far in advance of moving day.

Moving with Seniors with Red Carpet Moving Company

Moving with seniors doesn’t have to be so difficult when you handle the move with the utmost care. That’s why you should hire Red Carpet Moving Company. With our White Glove moving service, everything is handled with the most care and respect.

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