Moving Fails and How to Avoid Them

Today’s the day! You’re moving into your new place. All of your stuff is packed up and ready to go. The movers just arrived, and they’re loading up your boxes, so it’s time to grab your keys and head towards your new home. It couldn’t have worked out any better…

Moving Fails and How to Avoid Them

However, upon arrival, you notice there are people in your new home and when you ask why they are there… they tell you they live there. Panicking, you try to make sense of the situation. Maybe you misunderstood the move-in date. Maybe you’re at the wrong place. Not knowing what to do, you call the landlord who tells you the apartment was given to someone else, due to your lack of communication.The moving truck pulls up with all your belongings and you stand there, homeless.

That’s an extreme example of something that can easily happen. In fact, real epic moving fails happen all too often because people don’t seek proper moving tips or just aren’t informed. So, what are the biggest moving fails and how do you avoid them?

Moving Fails You’ll Want to Avoid

Your home isn’t ready!

A lot of work happens in between tenants. For starters, not knowing what goes on behind closed doors means a very deep clean every time. The deep cleaning process can take a couple weeks and sometimes may involve a bit of maintenance.

Tons of maintenance goes into your home before you can call it home. “Normal wear and tear,” as your landlord will call it, will happen while anyone lives in an apartment. After the tenant moves out, your landlord will follow standard operating procedure for routine maintenance. That involves re painting, re-carpeting, and just making sure everything from plumbing to electrical is working fine.

This process can take weeks. Maybe even a couple months. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get your stuff in during this time. Sometimes, people won’t communicate with their landlords well enough, and they will start moving out of their current places before their new one is ready.

It’s all about communication and being patient. You never know how bad it gets. Although it may take a while for your future home to get into tip-top shape, you can spend that time doing other things, like reviewing your moving checklist and refining your tactics to avoid any further moving fails.

You packed improperly!

Imagine packing up your favorite painting only to have it completely shredded by the time you unpack it. Or, perhaps your 55-inch 4K television set gets cracked or shattered because you piled it up with other stuff. It’s devastating to have something you care about so dearly not make it to the finish line with you.

Packing your belongings in a sloppy manner can render all your stuff broken, and if you’re not careful enough, you’ll have to scavenge through broken ceramic to get to the unbroken items. In all seriousness, this can actually cost you way more than it should. You don’t want to have to buy new things after you just spent every last dime on moving and your new place.

If you decide to pack up on your own, make sure you do it with a professional level of care. Bubble wrap should be used liberally and thoroughly. It’s cheap, so go nuts. Packing peanuts aren’t exactly a rare commodity either. You should also make sure everything fits perfectly where it lays. Don’t stack heavy items on top of fragile items.

Remember: you’re saving money while keeping the things you care about intact because it’s cheaper to buy bubble wrap, harnesses, and boxes than entirely new furniture and appliances.

You underestimated the size of your sofa!

We’ve all hit that moment in our lives where we seriously thought about ditching our couch and buying an entirely new set, just to avoid moving it—and some us have done just that. But imagine going through all the trouble of getting your couch loaded up and sent to your home, only to find that it doesn’t fit through your doorway.

Struggling to move a couch is everyone’s favorite moving fail, because we’ve seen it played over and over again on TV. It’s really funny to watch! But when it happens to us, not so much. Sometimes moving a sofa through a doorway can be a lot like trying to eat a watermelon through a straw—no matter which way you twist and turn it, it just won’t fit. In cases like this, your best solution could be to get a new couch. But, only think of buying a new living room as a last resort.

It’s best to know as much about your future home as possible. That means making measurements of your doorway and hallways to avoid any couch related moving fails. Visit your future home and visualize your setup. Make any adjustments to your plan that you can and evaluate to see if any windows or other openings can get your couch in.

Or, you can get a new couch.

You hired the wrong people!

This makes the list of “Classic Moving Fails” because it happens the most out of all of them. We’ve also seen this one on TV. You know, when the moving company brings their stuff into the home and just drops it on the floor. This carelessness could damage your belongings.

As a result of not researching a moving company, you could make the mistake of hiring much less than professional people. And what then? You could end up with damaged or stolen property.

Now, it may not always be quite like they’re mistreating your things like that, but there is a certain care lacking in the service. You may not even get anything damaged. It’s just a matter of them doing their jobs… but that’s kinda the point here.

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