Moving to the Big City or a Small Town: Which Is More Popular?

Some people prefer living in a big city; some people prefer small towns. It just depends on the person. Urban relocation can be a major step up, but small towns may seem like a downgrade. Just for fun, though, let’s take a look at which is more popular. Moving to the big city, or not?

What Are the Best Places to Live: Big City or Small Town?

There are many pros and cons to both urban relocation and small town living. Some may find the quiet peacefulness of a small town to be relaxing, and for others, it may bring on new anxieties of its own.

On the contrary, for those who grew up in a small town, moving to the big city can introduce a whole new world they didn’t know existed—for better or for worse. For example, the city is far more dangerous than a small town. This can make or break the experience.

However, a recent study seems to contradict this classic notion, saying that you may be better off moving to the big city than living out in the country.

Regardless, people have their reasons for moving to big city or small town:


Although you may be statistically safer in a big city, that aforementioned study says that the 40% “more danger” you’re in has nothing to do with crime.

Crime is still considerably lower in small towns, and the news is rather boring there, too. Most commonly, property crimes and burglary happen in most major cities. The good news is the majority of large American cities have a relatively low violent crime rate.

Still, it is for this reason that many people move from big cities to small towns, so small towns win over big cities in crime.

Job opportunities

Small towns don’t have much to offer in terms of opportunities. Unless you get lucky and land yourself an awesome job in a small town, you probably won’t be relocating there for this reason anytime soon.

Moving to the big city wins this round, as most major cities have a fairly lucrative job market and a stronger economy.


Big cities are industrious and smokey. It can be weirdly charming, or you can be absolutely too disgusted to move to an urban area. Some of the smoggiest cities in the U.S. like Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, or Dallas are amongst the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses.

For this reason, you’re better off living in a small town.

Things to do

Small towns can often be incredibly dull. You may have activities like hiking, hunting, and fishing. Moving to the big city, however, you’ll learn there really are a million things to do.

Big cities have amazing opportunities for fun that seem endless. Las Vegas, for example, has a nightlife of international fame.

Big Towns and Small CitiesMoving to the Big City or a Small Town: Which Is More Popular?

It seems more than ever that people are actually flocking to small cities—or big towns, if you’re already from the city. Small cities between 100,000 and 300,000 people have experienced a 13.6% increase in population since 2000. That is a growth rate 10% higher than the national average and far more expanding than major cities like Chicago, or New York.

One of the major reasons these smaller cities are booming is because of the “boomers” themselves—baby boomers, that is.

All across Florida exist small cities that are essentially retirement communities. Small cities like The Villages, Florida or even St. George, Utah (12th most “booming” city in America) are becoming retirement communities perfect for older citizens. Baby boomer resort towns, essentially.

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