How to Make a Short Distance Move Easy

Moving is a part of life, but sometimes we have the advantage of moving close to home or moving within the city. In cases like this, it’s good to take full advantage of such a short distance move. It’s often not this easy if you were to move out of town. Here are some tips for moving a short distance.

How to Make a Short Distance Move Easy

Short Distance Moves: What to Do

Take trips to your new home

If you’re making a short distance move, visit your new home multiple times in the process of moving. While you’re doing this, bring a tape measure, so you can take measurements of your new home. Do it more than once, so when it comes time to move in your big furniture, you know what will fit and where things can go. This is one of those moving fails that you can now easily avoid.

Borrow supplies

If you have family and friends in town, they’re often more than willing to help you move. Ask them to save any boxes or bags for you so you can save a dime. In many cases, your family and friends could have leftover plastic bins or containers you can borrow. Remember, in a short distance move, you can really save a lot of money.

Relax while you pack

Now that you’re moving locally, there are a lot of things you won’t have to worry about. For example, worrying too much about time. Packing and moving should take time, but now that you are moving locally, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not exactly strapped for time and nothing has to be perfect. In fact, you can move things one at a time until you are all moved. Also, if you forget anything, you can always go back and grab it.

Recruit your friends

Likely, your friends and neighbors will be more than happy to help. Especially since it’s a stressless move. You and your friends can have some fun and crack jokes while you pack. In fact, it’s a good recommendation to have your friends on board with you to get as much help as you can, but with the added pleasure of knowing you’re not going too far. You and your friends can even hang out at your new place once you’re done.

Prioritize the important things

Packing and moving the important things first is key. That way, it’s easier to keep track of the important things and you don’t have to worry whether you packed them or not. With that being said, don’t stack things on top of your important things. You need to be able to access them when you get to your new place and also need to know for sure they won’t get crushed or destroyed.

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