Learn to Pack Like a Pro

Moving can be a stressful time. If you’re wondering how to move to Las Vegas, you’re not alone. You need to manage your budget. You need to keep track of bills and utilities. And you have to safely pack your whole house! In times like this, it’s best to make checklists and keep yourself organized. You should also get help from quick and efficient Las Vegas movers like Red Carpet Moving Company. We’re here to help with our packing and moving services. Below are some of our best tips to pack your household goods securely and safely every time.

Be Prepared with the Right Materials

Before you even start packing, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right materials. These items include strong cardboard boxes, packing peanuts and newspaper to protect your fragile items. Don’t forget packing tape and dark permanent markers to label your items, too. Make sure to gather your materials and begin packing early. Start with the items you use less often, so you can work on it over time, instead of procrastinating and throwing everything in a box at the last minute.

Use the Right Methods for Each Type of Item

Packing isn’t always simple because each type of household item can require different care. That’s why some people consult a moving company service to help. We’ve provided some tips for you on how to pack each type of item with care.

Protect Your Dishes

Your dishes, especially those made of glass, need extra care. When preparing a box full of fragile items, be sure to wrap each one in its own protective covering, usually layers of newspaper. Then, fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts or more paper. These glassware items should not touch each other, and they should be snug in the box to avoid movement and cracking.

Learn to Pack Like a Pro  Save Space Packing Clothes

Your clothes need special care, too. Some clothes are more delicate than others, and no one likes the terrible wrinkles that can occur from packing and moving a long distance. To pack your clothes, you can start by rolling items like t-shirts and sweatpants to fit snug in a suitcase. For items you don’t want to wrinkle, keep them on a hanger and stick them inside a clean garbage bag. This way, you can keep all your items on the hanger, and they’ll be protected by the plastic inside the moving truck. When you arrive in your new home, simply hang them up in the closet and tear off the garbage bag!

Keep Boxes of Books Light

Boxes full of books can be heavy and cumbersome. That’s why you need to be strategic when packing these items. Start by donating some of the books you no longer need or want. Next, once you have all the books you want to keep, use small boxes to pack them. Smaller loads do equal more boxes, but this will keep you on track with maintaining a load light enough to carry. If you do use bigger boxes for your books, fill them three-quarters of the way with your books, and then fill the leftover space with other, lighter items like clothes or office supplies. Your books can be one of the first things you pack early on in the process, as you don’t use every book on a daily basis.

Get Help from Professional Las Vegas Movers

Moving takes a lot of work. That’s why you need a reputable moving company on your side to guide you through it. Red Carpet Movers offers the best moving service Las Vegas has to offer. See how we can make your move easier and more stress-free.

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