Knowing What to Keep and What to Toss

One of those unfortunate tasks we face when packing and unpacking during a move is the extra stuff we’re just not sure about. Many people complain about the mess involved with moving—whether it be a mess from unpacking that we must clean up or getting rid of clutter we don’t need.

It’s very easy to let things accumulate over time. Regardless of your moving budget, sometimes it’s easier on you to let things go.

Here’s how to do it.

Getting Rid of the Clutter  

Forget about your things for a moment—the most important thing to you and us is your time. We want you to have a fast and easy move and to clear out some of the less desirable objects may help out a bit.

There isn’t anything we won’t move, but perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to a piece of furniture you don’t love as much as you used to, or some worn down decorations and knick-knacks. It’ll greatly improve the comfort and cleanliness of your new home.

Plus, getting rid of stuff you don’t need feels very rewarding.

Deciding What to Get Rid Of

First, you must sort Knowing What to Keep and What to Toss

When it comes time to pack, you should think about sorting your things. During this process, you’ll be thinking a lot about what is important to you and what is not. In fact, you should have sections of things from most important to least.

Start with big items first and move into rooms with the most amount of stuff. It’ll get steadily easier as you go.

Separate by value

Once you have your stuff in one room together, decide what is most valuable and what is least. Put them into four different categories:

  • Must-take items
  • Valuables
  • Unwanted or unneeded
  • Useless

This process may be a little draining (if not a little bit emotional), but it’s the best way for getting rid of clutter. Start with the ones you will be taking with you. That’s a no-brainer. Then, go to the valuable ones: sentimental or monetary value. At this point, the unwanted, unneeded and useless stuff will be rather easy to spot.

Remember that you don’t have to throw things away. Nothing has to go to waste. You can always donate to those who could make better use of the stuff you don’t need anymore.  

We’ll Help with the Unwanted Clutter

Red Carpet Moving Company is the group of Las Vegas movers that go the extra mile. If you just aren’t sure about getting rid of clutter come moving day, we’ll help you sort through your stuff.

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