Know When to Say “Scram!” So You Don’t Get Scammed

If your big move is starting to feel more like a ransom negotiation than a professional thing, you could be in the midst of a scam. Plenty of reputable moving companies work hard to provide great service to customers, but some bad apples are giving the good moving companies a bad name. Fortunately, we’ve put together some telltale signs to discover when a moving company is trying to pull a fast one on you.

Know When to Say “Scram!” So You Don’t Get Scammed

Signs You’re Not Working with Reputable Moving Companies

What’s in a name?

Reputable moving companies take pride in their brand and their name. A quick Google search of the moving company’s name should do the trick. You can see their reviews, consumer reports, and awards if they’re amongst the best-rated movers in the nation.

Look for inconsistencies in the moving company’s Internet or social media footprint. If you find anything at all, tell them to find someone else to scam because you’re not going to fall for it! Non-reputable moving companies have a seedy way of getting around: after having their business licenses revoked or get awful customer reviews, they’ll trick people by playing the name change game, which is one you don’t want to play.

They want too much money, honey

It’s often common for reputable moving companies to ask for a deposit, but if the deposit covers the entire cost of the move or is just too much more than the promised amount, buyer beware! Among some of the worst long distance moving company reviews, you’ll find stories where customers have paid obscene deposits only to have their movers never show up.

Reputable moving companies would never require a customer to pay for a move until the job is complete. You wouldn’t visit a five-star restaurant and pay for your meal before you’ve finished eating, would you? If the moving company you hired is pressing you for payment, take your money elsewhere.

Your items are held ransom

Interacting with your moving company wouldn’t play out like a scene from a Liam Neeson movie—you know the one. Reputable long distance moving companies would never quote a low price, then demand three to four times that amount, just to deliver your items to you. If your original moving price quote sounds too good to be true, do some background research because, chances are, it probably is.

Speaking of this, some less reputable moving companies have been known to steal your stuff! When this happens, all you can really do is call the police and hope for the best. Reputable moving companies more times than not offer insurance for any lost or damaged items. Make sure you know the company’s policies before signing up.

Know When to Say “Scram!” So You Don’t Get Scammed

Unmarked vehicles

Remember how we said reputable moving companies take pride in their name? If the moving van shows up completely unmarked, tell them to “hit the road, Jack and give me my deposit back!” In many consumer reports, moving companies with a pristine reputation have their moving trucks adorned in their logos, workers wearing company T-shirts, and consistent branding on all paperwork.

The same principle applies to any business: you wouldn’t walk into a shop without its name or logo displayed for everyone to see. You could be just wandering into an empty warehouse and we’ve all seen that movie, too.

Just be aware that moving companies are a very popular front for scam artists…very popular.

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