Hurry! Last Minute Moving Tips

Well, since it’s too late to get an early start on your move, you’ve now come across the much dreaded last minute move. Don’t worry; it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Here are some ways to get the job done as quick as possible.

Hurry! Last Minute Moving Tips

Making a Last Minute Move

Make a list

If you haven’t already, which we’re assuming you didn’t since you waited until the last minute to start your move, make a list. Since you don’t have a lot of time, you could even print out a moving checklist conveniently right now. A last minute move would be near impossible if you don’t have all your eggs in a row, so having a list will make it easier and so much more stress-free.

Grab supplies

The moment you know exactly what you need for your last minute move, you should be adding those things to your shopping list, grabbing the keys, and heading out the door. Some things you’ll definitely need are boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, box cutters, etc. Whatever you feel you’ll need to pack up your home, go ahead and put it on the list.

Start packing right away

When you’re packing last minute, you should start packing up fast—but pack one room at a time like you normally would. There’s nothing worse than packing and not being organized. It’s the easiest way to lose track of your stuff, break stuff, or run into a problem when you weren’t pacing yourself. You end up taking more time than you originally set out to.

Remember that no matter how behind you are on time, it’s better to pack everything safely and organized. Slow and steady, as they say.

Use trash bags

Look, if you’re the type who just wants everything in one place like clothing and smaller items that won’t break, throw them into trash bags. It’s not tidy, but it’ll cut time more than in half. Save the boxes for fragile items, and everything else just throw into trash bags.

Trash bags can hold a surprising amount of stuff and come in the dozens, so this last minute moving tip will actually save you money as well. Once you arrive at your new place, rip open the bags and pour them out into their designated areas in the appropriate rooms—that is, if you don’t have time to nicely place them into boxes during a move.

Get Help from Professional Movers

A last minute move doesn’t have to break you or the bank. Check out Red Carpet Moving Company, the flexible and professional Las Vegas movers.

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