Getting Your Family Excited to Move

Moving by yourself is hard enough as is—imagine moving with children, your pets, and everything they own with only the help of your spouse. Sure, it isn’t as easy as moving by yourself, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult, either. You can make a family move easy with all hands on deck by getting your family excited for the move.

Preparing for a Family Move: Getting Excited

Tell them all about itGetting Your Family Excited to Move

With proper communication, you can gauge just how your family will react to the news of moving. For better or worse, you should comfort them through the whole process. Deliver the news with delicacy.

Moving is often especially hard for children, who may feel their world is completely changing and that nothing will ever be the same again: saying goodbye to friends, schools, and things they are familiar with.

Show them everything

Your family may be a little hesitant to move because of the unknown. Moving is a scary void in unfamiliar, alien territory. Bridge that mental and visual gap for them by showing them pictures of your new home, new schools, and new views. You can even show them all the exciting new restaurants and parks you can try out as soon as you move.

Make sure older family members are comfortable

If your parents or grandparents live with you and they have more trouble getting around than the rest of your family, they might start to worry about the family move. The idea is to be very kind and patient during the move. Let them know that you will be taking care of everything. It’s also good to have a checklist for them, just to ease their minds a little further.

Give your children control

Children are arguably the ones most affected by relocating. To them, it’s starting life over again, whereas for you, it’s just another opportunity. You can easily forget just how emotionally involved your kids are with your home, so give them a little freedom to choose. Letting them design their bedrooms, for example, is a good way to get your family excited for the move.

Reassure them

Let not just your children, but your spouse know that nothing is really changing. Even though things will seem out of place and it will take a little while to get used to it, the important things are still the same. Your family, for example, makes the home what it is—not the house itself. If you’re all there together, it will be home just like your last one and things won’t change for long.

Hire Professional Movers So You Can Focus on Your Family

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