Feng Shui Tips: Welcome in the New Year

What are some of your New Year’s superstitions and good luck charms? Go ahead and tell us, we won’t make fun of you. Whether they’ll admit it or not, everyone has high hopes, dreams, and superstitions for the new year. One way to welcome in a fresh start is to get your home ready with some new year feng shui. When it comes to preparing your home for a new year, it’s out with the old, in with the you. Remember to make sure your home reflects who you are this year.

New Year Feng Shui TipsFeng Shui Tips: Welcome in the New Year

Bring home the gold (and red)

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, it’s the year of the red rooster, which makes gold the lucky color for 2017. Adorn yourself with some funky gold jewelry and shine that antique gold lamp your aunt gave you. Place it in a great spot in your home.

New Year’s superstitions tell you how you can attract wealth and prosperity early on to influence the rest of the year. Red is considered a good luck charm for prosperity and wealth, so buy a red wallet, wear red clothes, red shoes, a red hat, buy a red Cadillac, and bring in the wealth with your New Year feng shui.

Start off with a clean slate

According to superstition, cleaning your home is how to bring good luck and fortune. There’s good news for procrastinators, though: it’s best not to clean the first few days of the New Year, so you don’t risk getting rid of the good luck that has entered your home. New Year feng shui is all about starting fresh. It makes sense that you would want to enter the new year with a clean home.

Orange you glad it’s a New Year?

What rhymes with new year feng shui? Doorway! Welcome family, friends, and the New Year with a brightened entryway to your home. You don’t have to use the color orange but use other bright colors to make your home seem more welcoming. This can also alleviate stress for you. It’s hard to enter your house feeling negative about what happened at work that day or the guy who cut you off on while driving when you’re greeted by a brightly colored doorway and bright plants.

Does a New Year Mean a New Home for You?

If you’re starting over completely this year by purchasing a new home or moving to a new apartment, call Red Carpet Moving Company. We’ll take care of everything throughout your move, so you can focus on more important things like making this year your best one yet.

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