Feng Shui Tips: Sit Back and Relax

After a long stressful day at work, you should be able to come home and relax. Unfortunately, we don’t always keep up on decluttering and decorating our homes. In turn, it may not feel so much like a home. Here are some feng shui tips for relaxation, so you can correctly unwind after a long stressful day.

Feng Shui Tips: Sit Back and Relax

Feng Shui Tips for Relaxation

Open your blinds

It’s been proven that letting sunlight into your home has many personal and relaxing benefits. Letting in the sun not only helps you relax but it also benefits your overall well-being. With a natural and sunny view, patients in the hospital suffering from varying ailments are said to more likely recover faster without any complications. Opening your blinds also lets you see the view. Whatever the view is, you’ll relax more easily by connecting you to nature and the outside world.

In fact…

Bring nature into your home

There’s something about connecting with nature. It always makes it into our feng shui tips. Nature is the best source of happiness, luck, and relaxation. Just 20 minutes spent in a natural environment decreases cortisol, and therefore reduces stress, making us more relaxed. Bring plants into your home. Incorporate natural oils and scents that can bring your home closer to nature.

Liberal use of candles

Candles, especially naturally scented ones, can really make your home feel like a relaxing day at the spa. Making your home more relaxing is all about calming the senses, and candles are one of the best-proven ways to do that. Put a candle in every room: your bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Speaking of feng shui tips about candles: aromatherapy is also a great method for relaxation. Certain senses like lavender or silk can create a sense of cleanliness and induce a therapeutic state of relaxation. Also, lavender infused bubble baths and oil diffusers that smell like bergamot or orange can work wonders. Just use any calming scent that doesn’t overpower, and you should have your own luxury spa at home.

Decorating after Unpacking

Red Carpet Moving Company knows exactly how to set up your home once you move in. We believe there is an order to all things you possess, and they should go in an order that makes you truly feel at home. Following these feng shui tips for your home, we make your safe haven a relaxing destination. Call us today to get a quote!

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