Feng Shui Tips: Love and Romance

Feng Shui Tips: Love and Romance

Has your romantic life taken a turn for the worse? This Valentine’s day try some feng shui for love. As you might know from our past feng shui tips, feng shui is a way to attract the things you want in life. Don’t let bad dates get you down. Here are some quick tips for creating feng shui that’ll help you find love or improve your relationship.

Valentine’s Day Feng Shui for Love

Bedroom furniture

Feng shui experts say clean sheets not only freshen up the decor in your bedroom but your love life, too. You’ll want to choose warm, welcoming colors like white or pink. Get rid of any extra pillows while you’re at it. An overcrowded bed could mean deep down you’re not ready to let anyone new into your life.


Next, choose a strong headboard for your sleeping throne. This symbolizes security in your life. Once you’re secure with yourself, love will find its way in. If you’re trying feng shui for love and marriage, make sure your bed is placed in an open area.

Picture this

Fill your home with art depicting the love life you want. If you’re in a relationship, place photos of you and your partner during happy times. If you have some artwork in storage that you’re ready to put on display, make sure you’re using reputable moving companies so these precious pieces don’t get damaged.


Plants signify new life and can be considered one of the feng shui love cures. Having beautiful, colorful plants in your home can breathe new life into an old romance or bring along a new love. You’ll want to put plants in every room, even the bathroom. Surrounding yourself with natural beauty while you complete your morning rituals will help you feel beautiful, too. Anyone will tell you confidence is the key to love.

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