Feng Shui Tips: Keep the Winter Warm

The power of feng shui is real. The ancient Chinese art of placement is meant to balance out the energy in your home. The word feng translates to wind, while shui means water. In Chinese culture, these things are related to positive physical and mental health. Winter feng shui can warm up your home and life.

Clearing your home of unnecessary clutter and moving things around to create warmth in your home can bring you comfort. This can be especially useful to help ward off the winter blues that can hit during the colder months of the year. If you’re new to the art of the feng shui but familiar with the winter blues, here are a few winter interior design tips.

Using Winter Feng Shui to Create a Perfect Winter Home

Declutter your home

You’ll see this in all of our feng shui tips: declutter your home. During the cold winter months, you’ll naturally start to spend a lot more time inside your home. Instead of hitting the park for a run, you may be hitting the treadmill in the garage. Instead of taking a dip in the pool, you may be taking a warm bath.

Clear your house of any clutter, clothes, or toys you won’t be using during the winter months. This will leave you with plenty of space to roam. Find neat ways to store items, so messy closets, storage baskets, or other spaces in your home don’t leave you feeling gloomy. If large, unfinished craft projects are gobbling up a lot of space, consider throwing them out and starting new.

Time to heat things up!

These winter feng shui tips are helpful, but nothing has power quite like food does. Even the smell of it can bring people much joy. For many, nothing brings more comfort than coming home to a house filled with the delicious aroma of a hearty meal.

Before you leave for work in the morning, toss some ingredients in the slow cooker, so when you return, your house will smell delicious. Keep cookie dough in the freezer and toss some cookies in the oven for a yummy treat for later. You’ll get even more great aromas filling your home. When you serve dinner, do so on brightly colored dishes.

Let there be light Feng Shui Tips: Keep the Winter Warm

When the sun is out, open your blinds and let the light into your home. It’s also good to keep your windows clean, so the light can easily shine through. The warmth of the sun’s rays will brighten up your home and lift your mood. On dreary days, make sure you have lots lighting in your home, whether it be the glow of the Christmas tree, a crackling fire, or track lighting you’ve installed. It’s hard to be down when there’s lots of light around.

Utilize some of your favorite things

The most important winter feng shui tip is for you to take care of yourself this winter. Arrange some of your favorite things in a space in your home. If you love music, position your piano near a window so you can enjoy the outside beauty while playing. If you love to read, move your favorite chair near the fire. Don’t forget a soft blanket, some chocolate milk, and a good book.

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