Feng Shui Tips: Feel the Love at Home

With Valentines Day coming up, isn’t it about time to spice up the romance in your home? What better way to bring in natural energies than feng shui tips? Yes, feeling the love at home can begin with some proper interior decorating, so get your loved one and stay indoors this February 14th—because these love-vibes will make the romance feel perfect.

Feng Shui Tips for Love

Keep it fresh

Going in for the kiss, you’ll need fresh breath. A breath mint won’t keep the whole house fresh, though, so let’s think outside the mouth for a second. Feng shui experts will tell you that freshly clean bed sheets and linens will invite the love and incite the romance.

Some natural clean smells are very good at making people feel welcomed and comfortable. But when it comes to romance, your best bet is either cinnamon, vanilla, or lavender. These scents, however, should be second place to cleanliness. Remember: never mask an unpleasant smell, but clean it instead.

This, obviously, means you should keep your home decluttered and free from and visible (or smellable) mess. Experts will always include decluttering as part of their feng shui tips because clutter and mess is a stress factor.


A good painting can offer a very visceral experience to the viewer, impacting our feelings and emotions. If you’re an art buff who loves macabre, sometimes grim pieces of art, it can actually really take away from the love. These sorts of paintings can be rather distracting.

Instead, opt for the obvious: romantic paintings. This means using paintings that show people embracing or kissing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, as long as it’s positive and inviting and won’t distract from the romance.

Decorate the bathroom Feng Shui Tips: Feel the Love at Home

Hear us out: The bathroom can be a romantic getaway. If you treat it like a spa, it will treat you like one. You’ll be surprised how much this room is enhanced when you include flowers, heart decors, lit candles, and maybe even some rose petals in the tub.

Bathrooms aren’t exactly known for their excellent feng shui properties, but with some feng shui tips, you can turn that around. Add some fire and earth elements to strengthen the whole area—candles and flowers.

Happy Valentines Day from Red Carpet Moving Company

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