Extra Mile Services Offered by a Las Vegas Moving Company

When you’re planning your next move, consider moving services that go the extra mile. How can you feel like your stuff is handled safely and securely when your movers don’t have an outstanding record for going that extra mile? Red Carpet Movers is the company with a great reputation. Our client’s words speak for themselves. Here are some of the services Red Carpet Movers provides.

Extra Mile Services Offered by a Las Vegas Moving Company

Going the “Final Mile” for You

Red Carpet Movers is unique in that we work directly with designers and retailers. Not only do we offer affordable and careful delivery, but also installation, reliable customer service, inspection, and clean-up. It’s the best way to ensure you have exactly what you need, ready to use right when you move in!

White Glove Moving

The white glove is a symbol of excellent care and service. That goes twice for Red Carpet Movers White Glove moving services. It’s the most efficient, careful and professional service you’ll receive from any Las Vegas movers. The promise is that your piano, couch, TV, or whatever will go from point A to point B completely unscathed.

Packing for you

You don’t have to tackle packing on your own. In fact, Red Carpet Movers will do it for you. Not only that, but we’ll do it quickly and efficiently. Our movers pack anything from big to small and sturdy to fragile with the appropriate amount of care each time. Upon arrival to your new home, they’ll unpack everything with as much care as before and then clean up, leaving your new home spotless!

Managing your move

At Red Carpet Movers, we handle the vast majority of your move, which includes managing every step of the way. From a commercial move to a residential one, you can rest assured that nothing is forgotten or misplaced. We’ll plan everything out for you. To put your mind to ease, we’ve developed a moving checklist to help you plan out the process.

All You Need in One

Red Carpet Movers is all those things and more! So next time you plan on moving, go with a great moving company with an outstanding record of customer service and care. If you’re looking for movers who go the extra mile, contact us, and we’ll give you a free estimate.
Don’t Make a Move Without Us.

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