Deciding What Kind of Moving Truck You’ll Need

When planning a DIY move, one thing you should put a lot of thought into is choosing the right moving truck. You won’t have the help of a professional moving company to guide you along the way, so apply their values with this very fundamental moving component. Here are some things to consider while getting a moving truck.

What’s a Moving Truck?

A moving truck is a vehicle in which you’ll pack up and store all your things while you transport them to your new location. These trucks are generally large enough to pack up beds, couches, tables, TVs, etc. That’s what they’re designed for, but that doesn’t mean one size fits all.  

Since there are all sorts of sizes for moving trucks, the right size moving truck should be the first thing you consider when preparing for a move.

Deciding What Kind of Moving Truck You'll Need

Things to Look for in a Moving Truck

Consider size

Measure and estimate the size of all your things before renting a moving truck. Then, once you get the truck, make sure you double or even triple check it by measuring that more than once. Typically, you’d want to get a moving truck in the realm of 150-200 cubic feet, but this may vary depending on how much stuff you have.

Get insurance

Excellent general rule of thumb: plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. Keep that in mind while you’re renting out a truck. Many people think that because they are careful, nothing bad will ever happen to them or their stuff. In reality, bad stuff happens to those who aren’t prepared. So, always get insurance. Your card issuer will usually offer rental insurance when you use your credit card.

Plan ahead of time

This is actually just a great moving tip all together because nobody should have to do all that work last minute—it just isn’t fun. Getting a truck last minute is no guarantee, so make sure you plan ahead of time. You should probably reserve your truck a few weeks before your move so you’re not stuck on moving day with all your belongings packed and nothing to transport them with.

Hire a Moving Company to Handle It for You

Instead of worrying about what kind of truck you’ll need, or how to pack it, consider hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. Red Carpet Moving Company is the number one for Las Vegas movers.

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