Crating Services

Whether you are moving to a new home around the corner or relocating your business all the way across the world, we are here to help your valuables get there safely with our crating services. Some articles such as antiques, collectibles, artwork, and other delicate or valuable pieces may need specific care or extra attention; when it comes to packing sensitive items, we provide custom crating options.

Custom Crating

We offer custom crating services through Craters & Freighters, America’s leader in custom packaging, crating and shipping.  We specialize in all industries, business, and residential logistics services. Our courteous and responsible staff can assist you in during your move with:

  • Free Estimates
  • Packing and Moving
  • Pick up and Delivery
  • Custom Crating
  • Domestic and International Shipping
  • Fine Art Removal and Hanging
  • Setup and Assembly of Furniture
  • Luxury Hi-Rise Moving

For safe and economical shipping of important, fragile, or non-standard size or shape items we offer the industry leading services of Craters & Freighters. Serving clients with over 21 years of service packing and shipping all manner of items all over the world, Craters & Freighters can handle everything from delicate family heirlooms to large office equipment.

Craters & Freighters specializes in custom packaging and shipping services for commercial and residential moving needs, supplying:

Specialty Wood Crates

Wood crates can be quickly built to custom specifications for nearly anything that needs to be shipped.

Open Slat Crates

This style crate is just right for shipping things that do not necessarily require a full crate, but need protection while en route.

Motorcycle Crates

Shipping motorcycles require special attention. Each bike is packed securely and title work is included.

Cardboard Crates

Corrugated cardboard is the perfect option for providing lightweight, economical, and versatile shipping.

Tradeshow Crates

Custom designed crates are available to transport all of the necessities to trade shows, bypassing the hassle of packing and renting equipment.

We have more than 70 locations throughout the country to provide you with fast and convenient service and our expert packing and shipping specialists are here to help you with all aspects of safely moving your possessions. Please contact us for a free estimate to find out how we can save you time, money, and hassle while treating your valuables with the care they deserve.

Learn more about our residential moving services:

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