Celebrate Your Independence in Your New Home

With the Fourth of July around the corner, it’s time to start celebrating. It’s time to have a BBQ, spend time with the family, and watch fireworks. However, if you’re like many people, you’re still settling in after your summer move. To make the most out of celebrating Independence Day, it’s important to get everything in order. So, settle in and party like it’s 1776.

Celebrating Independence Day in Your Brand New Home

1. Get everything transferred

If you’re moving inside the same city, it’s much easier to get your utilities transferred over. Things like electricity, water, and Internet are priority day-one projects for you. It’s generally a pretty quick and painless process that can be done in one day.

2. Let everyone know you’ve moved

You don’t have to tell everyone, but you should let the bank and the post office know. All you have to do is fill out a change of address form at your nearest USPS and then call your bank, letting them know where you live. This is very important, as they’ll continue sending important mail to your previous address if they aren’t informed.

3. Get comfortable with your home

At least get familiar with all its features and understand where everything is (outlets, electrical box, water heater, etc.). Also, make sure everything is working and nothing is out of place. Watch out for any nails or sharp edges sticking out.

4. Make a mental map

If you’ve ever moved, you know the feeling of a perspective shift that happens over the course of a few days or so. Things start to look familiar, you start noticing other things, and the view from your window becomes your north star of reference. As soon as you move, map out your position with landmarks and important locations you’ll need to remember. It’ll benefit you early on.

5. Change the locks

There’s a chance the lock on your door remains from a previous owner, so be sure to change the locks. If any of the previous tenants’ relatives or friends have access to a key, it’s important to protect your things by changing that lock as soon as possible. While you’re celebrating Independence Day, you want your guests to be expected.

6. Immediately make it your own

Your personal touch is important to make a home feel like a home, especially if you’re celebrating Independence Day with your friends and family (and possibly new neighbors). Whip out the decorations and set them up, put your personal belongings away, and bring out the grill.

7. Sit back and actively settle inCelebrate Your Independence in Your New Home

Settling in after a move is key to relaxation and vice versa. Once you’ve created a livable space for you and your guests, you owe it to yourself to relax for a bit. Leave time for yourself to relax before the guests come over to eat hot dogs and watch the fireworks.

Happy Independence Day from Red Carpet Moving Company

Celebrating Independence Day is all about relaxing with your loved ones and celebrating our great country. Red Carpet Moving Company will help you pack, move, and settle in. Contact us and we’ll get you moved and settled in.

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