Back to School Moving Tips

It’s that time of year dreaded by kids and enjoyed just a little better by parents: back to school. For college students, that means a whole lot more. It means you’re going to be packing up and moving into a dorm room. Moving back to school can be a hassle, especially if it’s your first time. Get help with these tips.

Back to School Tips for Moving

Move the school essentials aaaaaand that’s it

Moving away from home might be hard since this could be your first time. However, it may be time to let go of some of your stuff. Sometimes, just having things doesn’t warrant keeping them, and you’ll find that it’s actually easier to just get rid of them instead of packing them. At the very least, leave your gaming system and your posters at home. You gotta focus on school work anyway. Try donating any belongings that are still in good condition.

Take notes (on your moving boxes)Back to School Moving Tips

Label your boxes. You’ll thank us later. It may seem like such a mundane and unnecessary task, and you probably think, “It’s my stuff! I know where I put it!” But that’s just a blatant lie you tell yourself to get out of writing stuff down. We get it—you want to just get it over with, and organization just doesn’t come first. Labeling your stuff only takes a few seconds while you’re packing, but saves hours while you’re unpacking!

Pack a lunch box

Grab a bunch of quick snacks while you move back to school. You’re a growing boy. You need your nutrients. While you’re packing and unpacking, feel free to munch on some bananas, granola bars, or some apples to keep you energized and focused. You’ll need it.

Buy some essentials

This may come as a surprise for your brand new real world self, but you have to go shopping for things now. One of the first things you should buy, and this might come as a surprise for you, is a toolbox. Tools are easy to use and, when the time comes, you’ll pretty much know how to use them. The trick is to actually have the tools.

You’ll also need to go grocery shopping. Buy cheap, but not junk. That is entirely possible. Pasta is cheap and easy to make. Also, laundry detergent. No one wants to smell your sweaty clothes just because you don’t have your mom around to clean them for you. Put your shopping list with your moving checklist so you won’t forget.

Back to School With Red Carpet Moving Company

Red Carpet Moving Company wants to wish you good luck in the upcoming semester and remind you to take extra care when moving all your personal belongings. As for the teachers and staff, check out our school moving service as well.

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