Avoid Moving Accidents

Have you heard about the guy who dropped the $45,000 piano? It may make you laugh, but moving accidents are no joke. If you don’t properly move, pack, and carry boxes, you can injure yourself or other people. Luckily, here at Red Carpet Moving Company, we’re old pros with tips on how to prevent moving accidents.

Avoid Moving Accidents

Properly Pack Boxes

Think back to the last time you were at the gym. Were you benching 200 pounds? Most likely not. So why pack a box heavier than that? Once you get on a roll with packing, it’s easy to keep piling heavy books, sculptures, and machinery into a box— especially if it all fits. But remember, you’re eventually going to have to move that box full of heavy materials. Try to take a break every few minutes and try lifting the box to make sure you’re not packing them too heavy.

Part of properly packing boxes is using the right boxes. Here’s one of the best moving tips: if you’re recycling boxes you’ve been given, assure they are sturdy. There’s nothing worse than going to lift a box and having the bottom fall out all over your feet, possibly injuring yourself and breaking valuable goods. If you’re recycling boxes, tape them up good!

Dress for the Occasion

Avoid Moving Accidents  Wear comfortable, enclosed, athletic shoes with a grip to them so you’re not slipping and sliding while trying to move your boxes. Pair this with fitted clothing, so you don’t get yourself caught on anything. You’ll be all the rage in moving day fashion.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

We’ve all heard the moving tips that recommend you to “lift with your legs, not with your back!” This is a good starting point, but there’s more to avoiding injury than squatting your boxes into the moving van. Keep your legs wide with one foot barely in front of the other while lifting. Pay attention to your posture while you do this. Keep your shoulders back and your back straight.

Once your stance is set, lift the box slowly, take small steps, then finally set it down carefully. If you need one, buy a back brace for moving support. Moving takes a long time so going as quickly as possible may seem like a good idea, but remember: slow and steady wins the race.

Red Carpet Movers Can Help

Avoid the headache and possible injuries by calling the experts at Red Carpet Moving Company today. We’ll give you a quote for your next move!

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