About Red Carpet Moving Company

Looking for movers in the Las Vegas area? Look no further. Red Carpet Moving Company is home to the best movers in Las Vegas, NV. We are passionate about treating all of your belongings with the utmost care and attention.

We Give You the Red Carpet Treatment

About Red Carpet Moving Company  Red Carpet Moving Company provides the finest door-to-door, domestic, and international relocation service available. We are one of the best-rated movers in Las Vegas.

With a worldwide network of agents, Red Carpet Moving Company expertly manages many types of moves, including residential and commercial moves. We also are long distance movers. Las Vegas residents come to us when they want to ship their belongings across states and internationally.

In addition to being one of the best moving companies in Las Vegas for your household goods, we are also one of the best piano movers Las Vegas has to offer. We pride ourselves in achieving the highest customer satisfaction. Our experienced professionals evaluate each move and create a guaranteed estimate with no hidden costs. Here’s what is included in the evaluation:

  • A detailed listing of the items to be moved will be inventoried
  • Access to buildings is taken into consideration
  • Elevators, long carries to the trucks, and specialized equipment to professionally perform the move are accounted for and included in the price
  • Responsibilities of Red Carpet Moving Company and the customer are also listed in detail and included in the proposal

Meet the Owners of Red Carpet Moving Company

Before Red Carpet Moving Company, there were just two men, Jon and Mick: Las Vegas residents and long-time friends.

Before moving to Las Vegas, Jon lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his parents. After his dad joined the Executive Team at the Sands Hotel in the early 1980’s, Vegas became their new home.

At the same time, Mick and his parents lived in Cuba. They decided to flee the communist country in search of more opportunities and security for their family. Mick was in 2nd grade when they arrived in Las Vegas.

The two met and grew up as close as friends can get—but that’s only the beginning of their story.

As far back as the early 1990’s, Red Carpet Moving Company’s owners, Jon and Mick, have been in business together—starting with a venture into specialty packing and freight handling of art and antiques. It is in this area they received many requests from both residential and commercial clients for relocations. This gave them the idea to start their own moving company, with their business model being integrity and hard work. They have years of experience serving the Las Vegas area as residential movers, commercial movers, and more.   

Both Jon and Mick married locals of Las Vegas and raised their families here as well, getting involved with many local activities. For example, they share interests in coaching youth sports and being active in the community.

Mick is a UNLV graduate, receiving his Bachelor’s in Marketing. He enjoys fitness and spending time with his family: his wife, Laura, and two children, Brayden and Lexyn. Brayden is currently in his first year at UNLV with a Millennium Scholarship, and Lexyn is a peer advocate at Miller Middle School, where she spends her time helping special education students.

Jon and his wife are big time music enthusiasts, traveling to music festivals regularly. In fact, music has become a big part of his family, passing onto his two kids. His son, Jack, also enjoys playing Lacrosse, and his daughter, Brooke, loves participating in debate tournaments at Bishop Gorman High School.

Today, our owners and founders instill their values of love and caring into their business, which is still growing strong and developing a positive relationship with the great city of Las Vegas.  

Red Carpet Moving Company

If you’re looking for local movers in Las Vegas, allow us to give you the Red Carpet treatment. You can relax as you turn your move over to us! Give us a call at (702) 920-7555 or fill out a form for a quote today!

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