5 Amazing Pieces of Art We Can Move with Full Confidence

There are some truly amazing pieces of art out there, priceless pieces the world is much better for. It would be horrible if something bad happened to them, for example, a museum hiring less than reliable movers who don’t specialize in fine art moving. If one chip or scratch damages a beautiful painting, it damages the value and integrity of the artist.

Red Carpet Moving Company is one of those moving companies that can move priceless works of art, no sweat.

5 Pieces of Art We Can Move with Expert Fine Art Moving

1. David

The famous 17-ft tall marble statue was unveiled on September 8th, 1504 in Florence, Italy. It was one of Michelangelo’s many masterpieces, and it took him only three years to complete it, despite its incredible detail and enormous size. The statue is said to be of David right after he decided he would take on the nigh-impossible and fight Goliath, the biblical giant.

Despite this historic piece of art weighing the same as 80 men (6 tons, or 12,478 lbs), it isn’t a task we can’t tackle as a fine art moving company. Look at it this way: if we can pack away an entire factory, the precious statue David could reach its destination carefully, flawlessly, and scratch-free.

2. The Birth of Venus

Likely painted sometime during the 1480’s by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus sits in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The painting is a straightforward depiction of the Greek goddess Venus being born. Despite this, there are a lot of subtleties—such as the imagery of birth and the overarching theme of “love triumphs brutality.”

This painting may have survived the Bonfire of the Vanities, but it only exists today because of great effort and care. If we are ever in the situation where we have to move the entire Uffizi Gallery, we’d pass that care along and continue its longevity.

3. The Persistence of Memory

The story for this one goes that artist Salvador Dali, feeling very melancholy and bored, watched a slab of Camembert cheese melt on a table. By relating this to the passage of time and the relativity of space and time, he came up with the image of melted pocket watches.

This painting is over 80 years old and has stood the test of time. Located at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in Midtown Manhattan, New York, it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere any time soon. But if it is, hiring a professional fine art moving company like us would mean that, upon arrival, it would appear as if it hadn’t even been touched.

4. The Thinker

Everyone’s favorite and oft’ re-enacted statue The Thinker was created by Auguste Rodin in 1880. Rodin modeled The Thinker, or Le Penseur, after Divine Comedy writer, Dante Alighieri. It was first conceived as a much smaller piece that was part of a larger sculpture called The Gates of Hell, or Le Porte de L’Enfer.

However, The Thinker is a much bigger piece. The original and all of the bronze copies come in large and heavy sizes. It’s nothing professional heavy lifters and movers can’t handle. So if you have a piece of art, or even an exact copy of The Thinker, we could move it without any worry.

5. Mona Lisa5 Amazing Pieces of Art We Can Move with Full Confidence

The Mona Lisa, if you aren’t familiar, is icon of all icons when it comes to fine art. Being the original multi-media artist, Leonardo da Vinci’s most famed work of art has inspired centuries of art and even conspiracy theories.

Moving expensive art work is no different than moving any item deemed valuable by the owner. It means that much to us, your fine art moving service, that your meaningful items are moved and placed with as much care as the Mona Lisa itself.

Fine Art Moving With Red Carpet Moving Company

Moving fine art is a task only the most careful and respectful, like White Glove Moving, should take on. Red Carpet Moving Company is that service, so hire our fine art handling services.

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